Summer 2012 Recap

It’s been an action-packed summer for all of us at the salon, which is why it’s been a while since our last post.  June allowed us to celebrate another amazing year at the salon, and it’s been another great year with a lot of growth.  In March of 2011 Lori and I decided to join the Ouidad family and it’s proven in be one of the best decisions we have made. When I first started doing hair I was introduced to Ouidad and I knew when I opened my own salon I wanted to be apart of something so great. Since we have started guests have traveled from a distance, booked vacations around us, all and all scouted us out to get their certified cut. It’s truly been a blessing and its feels great to be mutually apart of something so brilliant. Sharing the secret to beautiful naturally culry hair never gets old.  Its still a delight for us with each new client to show them just how much they can love their curls!

Also something exciting to share that happened this summer is I got to do a photo-shoot for Women’s First Magazine. It was my first time working a shoot for a national publication, and a terrific experience.  The shoot turned out to be a great birthday gift to myself and something I hope to do more and more.  The publication will be out in October and I will have pictures to follow.  It seems strange to sum up an entire summer in one paragraph. However the girls at the salon have been working and staying busy all summer at the salon with clients. It seemed this summer couldn’t be more eventful which leaves much anticipation for our upcoming “busy season” leading into the holidays.   Again we thank you all for your continued support and will be better with our updates!