Ouidad Certified Salon

ouidad-logo-webCopperTop Salon is Winchester’s first Ouidad Certified Salon. We are excited to introduce the excellence of Ouidad Intensive Deep Treatments, Ouidad trademark Cutting Techniques, “Carving and Slicing” and Specialized Styling Methods to those who need “Curly Hair Experts”. CopperTop Salon is committed to education and serving the needs of all our fabulous clients.

Ouidad Cut: Carving & Slicing

Carving & Slicing is a Ouidad unique haircut created 25 years ago specifically with your curls and waves in mind. It’s so unique that the US Trademark Office recognizes it with its own trademark. Essentially, Carving & Slicing removes the bulk associated with the dreaded “pyramid” look, while preserving and enhancing your natural curl pattern. This combination produces well-defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces creating healthier, more manageable curls. It’s only available at Ouidad salons so beware of stylists claiming to “Carve & Slice” without the intense training, knowledge and understanding of curly hair that only the Curl Experts at Ouidad salons receive.

Ouidad Pricing

Ouidad Signature Curly Cut- $75
Deep Treatment and Style- $60
Ouidad Curly Style- $55
Ouidad Deep Treatment- $45