New Jersey Hair Class

Education is something really important to me as a stylist and salon owner. I try to travel to shows as often as I can, but when it doesn’t work out I’ll just take a class online. In my early days as a growing stylist we would sneak backstage at hair shows and offer our help. We would do all the tasks that the assistants got stuck with, but in return we got to work next to some amazing hairstylists. In fact we did this so much they started to recognize us and greet us with smiles when we got back stage. Once we were even asked to model for a show, we worked all day they had our hair colored on stage. Color however was not what we were looking for, we wanted our hair cut by the stylist we idolized.  Now they had been working all day as well, and were just as exhausted as we were, but never fussed when we asked. It was one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had! The stylist who did it was named DJ Muldoon and he was/is amazing. Over the years I’ve always admired his work and style of hair dressing. Unlike most platform artists his cuts where something that you could actually apply in the salon. DJ is Vidal Sassoon trained and his work shows a level of precision I really admire. After many years working for Paul Mitchell he left and opened a Salon in San Diego with his father.  I still follow his work online and even planned a trip to San Diego for another one of his amazing styles. Unfortunately due to his educational tour he had to cancel my appt, so I was trilled when I found out he would be in New Jersey teaching a class.   I signed up and asked my mother to come along for her 50th birthday. I mean I cant think of a better way to spend a birthday, so I knew she would agree. lol.

The class was at the Parisian Beauty School in Hackensack, NJ a Paul Mitchell Partner School. Since I’m Paul Mitchell trained I was excited to check out the school. As soon as I stepped in the room, I was refreshed by the energy learning and growing brings you. Sometimes we get stuck doing the same thing over and over in the salon, so its great to use your mind a little. Which is what DJ kept focusing on, he kept saying I’m going to make you think.  Our first cut took us back to basics; we had to master the art of a 0 degree haircut. Which everyone else knows as a one length haircut, and although we make it look easy its actually one of the hardest cuts. You can imagine how thrilled I was when he told me my cut was on point! Whoop Whoop! The class really seemed to focus on remembering the foundations of haircutting. The second cut we learned was a modern wedge hairstyle. This was something I actually really enjoyed, because YES I still get requests for this hairstyle! Taking time out of my always busy schedule for education is a treat. I left Sunday feeling renewed and refreshed, and ready to head back to the salon. Not before I took my mom to the spa and out to dinner for her birthday of course. Nothing like some girls time,  a little shopping and pampering to get your mind straight.  I will be eagerly awaiting my next trip!