IBS NYC 2013


After months of anticipation, we were  finally on our way to the big city. On the train ride up it was like Christmas morning awaited us, we all talked about this trip for months and finally it had arrived. The New York hair show would give us celebrity sightings, outrageous hair styles, new products, fun looks but most importantly inspiration. As soon as you walked in tall escalators with draping signs set the stage; it was going to be a great show. Vendors pull out all the stops to grab your attention, some have loud music and djs at their booth others girls on stilts with crazy hair. You couldn’t help but stop and look around to take in all the sights and inspiration that surrounded you.


 IBS by Stephanie:

     Going to the New York hair show has always been one of my favorite trips. Before you even enter the show you are swept away by the fashion you see on the streets, graffiti on the buildings and the overwhelmingness that is NYC. Being a salon owner it has opened up parts of the show that I have overlooked in the past. This time my focus was on finding items to help build my business and enhance the salon. I sat for some time with a man who would look over my website as well as other social media to see where we needed help. To my delight and his dismay we scored a 113 points out of a possible 150 the highest score he said he has ever given…lol.. Still it was an eye opener to see where we could expand and grow. My favorite part of the show however had to be practically running into Dita Von Teese. I was on the phone with Lori and hung up without explaination to snap a shot. All I got was her turning around and walking the other direction away from me, but it was my first celeb spotting so I’ll take it!! ( pics posted below) After months of waiting I was able to purchase new scissors,a flat iron, blow dryer and makeup. I couldnt wait to get back and try out my new tools. At the hotel we dumped out our loot like it was Halloween to show off our bag of treats. New York was a great success, and I cant wait for the next hair show. I came away from this experience refreshed and revived ready to get back into the salon and try out all I learned.