Chicago Hairshow 2014

It has been two years since I made the trip to the Windy City and the Midwest Beauty Show. Although I’ve traveled to many beautiful cites attending shows, there is something special about Chicago. This trip I also did something a little different; I took my boyfriend with me. Although Matthew knows nothing about the hair industry (other than what I tell him) I knew he would appreciate the circus like atmosphere of a show. First of all, the amount of stylists who attend shows is simply overwhelming. Each vendor is playing loud music and shouting for attention. There were literally people on stilts, and the hair… oh let me tell you. Now us stylists are a breed all our own. We might stand out at the grocery store with our outrageous hair, colors and cuts. At a show there are hundreds of people walking around with coral hair or Mohawks, so it really takes a lot to grab our attention. Vendors will stop at nothing to get you to stop at their booth and make you try their product. Knowing this, it was still a treat to see his eyes light up like a kid at Christmas as we made our way inside. There is nothing like your first hair show. One of the main reasons I attend shows is to stay up to date on current trends. This year I would say it was men’s cuts, pastel hair color and red carpet upstyles. Now being honest, a lot of what you see at a show isn’t going to work on your regular clients. I mean I love my lavender hair, but not all clients appreciate the look. The main purpose is to inspire creativity, refresh yourself as a artist and leave with a different perspective. I’ve been a stylist for 11 years and there is a lot of work I’m proud of, but I find myself asking “ Could I do that?” A team at Wella spent thee months creating a dress made entirely out of hair, and it was impressive! They also created what I could only describe as a basket of hair intricately weaved out of platinum and back stands protruding about 4 ft off the models face.. It was incredible, but all I could think about was if the model could see where she was walking. Lol. We spent the day taking classes and enjoying the sites. The highlight of this show was I finally got to meet and talk with the person who I can thank for my wedding business and ultimately my salon; Martin Parsons. This guy is an Upstyle genius and stylists usually pack into his classes. He is modest and incredibly funny. He even apologized when I had to wait to meet him. It was a great show topped off by the Stylists Choice awards later that evening. Consider it an Oscars to stylists receiving recognition for their work and products. Its always great when I come home and tell my clients that this certain product was voted the best! Not to mention the incredible swag bags they give out, with over $300 in product. I was bursting at the seams to come home and try out all my new techniques. We spent over an hour the night before we left packing our bags to fit all the goodies I acquired. It was a great show and it was even better getting to show someone I love my other love; hair. We spent the morning before we left exploring the city and grabbing lunch at Gino’s pizza. Till the next time Chicago, we thank you for being such a great town.IMG_6150 IMG_6175 IMG_6169 IMG_6185 IMG_6164 IMG_6197 IMG_6196 IMG_6166 IMG_6148