Attention Salon Closing/ Stylist Relocating

It is with a very heavy heart I have to announce the end of CopperTop located on Berryville Ave. I was notified in late January 2015, that Harbor Freight would be coming in and taking my space. It took me six months and countless sweat equity hours when, I initially did the build out on the salon five years ago. Given the time frame and my financial situation I am not able to relocate and rebuild the salon. This news as one can imagine has been devastating. Although I tired to work something else out it was just not possible.   Soooooo even though I will no longer be a salon owner I still will be doing hair. I’m excited to announce I will be joining the team at Sugar and Spice Salon located at 47 w Boscawen St Winchester VA 22601. Stephanie Levenson is an amazing stylist and I’m honored to be apart of her team. She also has a photographer on site who offers glamour shots, portrait and intimate sessions. / / 304-579-7272. I just want to thank everyone who has supported the salon and helped it become more than I had imagined. Although I’m ending this chapter in my career, I’m looking forward to the start of a new one. All guests of CopperTop can still expect to receive the same quality of service they have received in the past; it’s just going to be done at a different location. I repeat if you came looking for custom haircuts, a curly hair expert, dimensional color, upstyles and more you can still expect to receive the best. As always I will be available Tuesday- Saturday around my client’s schedule and needs. I will also still have the full line of Ouidad products available for my curly client’s to purchase. Appointments can be made by calling 540-539-1049 or sending an email and soon I will be offering online scheduling.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the new salon, and I appreciate all your support with the transition.

Also from now on the salon page will become a website for Stephanie’s info. At the time of this post Jessica Van Diest had not made a decision regarding her re-location.


Chicago Hairshow 2014

It has been two years since I made the trip to the Windy City and the Midwest Beauty Show. Although I’ve traveled to many beautiful cites attending shows, there is something special about Chicago. This trip I also did something a little different; I took my boyfriend with me. Although Matthew knows nothing about the hair industry (other than what I tell him) I knew he would appreciate the circus like atmosphere of a show. First of all, the amount of stylists who attend shows is simply overwhelming. Each vendor is playing loud music and shouting for attention. There were literally people on stilts, and the hair… oh let me tell you. Now us stylists are a breed all our own. We might stand out at the grocery store with our outrageous hair, colors and cuts. At a show there are hundreds of people walking around with coral hair or Mohawks, so it really takes a lot to grab our attention. Vendors will stop at nothing to get you to stop at their booth and make you try their product. Knowing this, it was still a treat to see his eyes light up like a kid at Christmas as we made our way inside. There is nothing like your first hair show. One of the main reasons I attend shows is to stay up to date on current trends. This year I would say it was men’s cuts, pastel hair color and red carpet upstyles. Now being honest, a lot of what you see at a show isn’t going to work on your regular clients. I mean I love my lavender hair, but not all clients appreciate the look. The main purpose is to inspire creativity, refresh yourself as a artist and leave with a different perspective. I’ve been a stylist for 11 years and there is a lot of work I’m proud of, but I find myself asking “ Could I do that?” A team at Wella spent thee months creating a dress made entirely out of hair, and it was impressive! They also created what I could only describe as a basket of hair intricately weaved out of platinum and back stands protruding about 4 ft off the models face.. It was incredible, but all I could think about was if the model could see where she was walking. Lol. We spent the day taking classes and enjoying the sites. The highlight of this show was I finally got to meet and talk with the person who I can thank for my wedding business and ultimately my salon; Martin Parsons. This guy is an Upstyle genius and stylists usually pack into his classes. He is modest and incredibly funny. He even apologized when I had to wait to meet him. It was a great show topped off by the Stylists Choice awards later that evening. Consider it an Oscars to stylists receiving recognition for their work and products. Its always great when I come home and tell my clients that this certain product was voted the best! Not to mention the incredible swag bags they give out, with over $300 in product. I was bursting at the seams to come home and try out all my new techniques. We spent over an hour the night before we left packing our bags to fit all the goodies I acquired. It was a great show and it was even better getting to show someone I love my other love; hair. We spent the morning before we left exploring the city and grabbing lunch at Gino’s pizza. Till the next time Chicago, we thank you for being such a great town.IMG_6150 IMG_6175 IMG_6169 IMG_6185 IMG_6164 IMG_6197 IMG_6196 IMG_6166 IMG_6148

Catching Fire

Over the past few months I have noticed a super fun trend that I can’t get enough of,  red hair!! I know red heads have a little bit of a stigma about them, but I think it’s time to throw that away. I have seen some gorgeous reds that are to die for. Not the plain ginger that most thing about when looking at red hair (although that is gorgeous in it’s own right), but rich and vibrant reds that look like flames dancing in the sunlight.

I think this is such a fun, fresh look coming into the spring or even for those that are tired of the dreariness of winter. Whether subtle or bold, reds can freshen up your look and add a little fire to your life. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a little more feisty coming into the spring months?!

Free Blowouts February 14, 2014

We are so grateful for all the support our clients give us its time for us to give back. On Friday February 14, 2014 CopperTop will be offering FREE

downloadheartblowouts to all clients. We are asking for donations however that will be made to the American Heart Association!! Call today to schedule! Spaces will be limited, please let us know if your hair will require more styling time! 540-450-8798

2014 Bridal Expo at the Shenandoah Woods

1555553_719955564696153_220991140_n 1555441_719955658029477_777865186_n 1536422_719955534696156_211092865_n 1528611_719955631362813_1338353152_n 1526282_719955594696150_1386202098_n 1525310_719955681362808_351606988_n 1016356_719955514696158_2090705154_n 2014 has already started out to be a busy year for weddings, so I couldn’t have been more pleased when Melissa and Jason from Shenandoah Woods located in Luray, VA asked me to work their January Bridal Expo. As a preferred vendor to the venue I’ve made several trips for weddings over the past year. The drive alone is breath taking;  views of the mountain surround you and the tranquil landscape transcends leaving you with a overall 75046_719955488029494_1110287826_nsense of peace. Luray was recently ranked as the 2nd most beautiful location to get married by TLC. The town is filled with quant local restaurants and shops, I defiantly recommend it for anyone looking to escape the busy city and get some peace of mind. Shenandoah Woods is just a short drive from the town of Luray officially located in Stanley, VA.  The woods offers more than just an amazing wedding location, it has cabins great for a family or just a couple looking to get away.  Speaking on the wedding side of things however, it would be hard to find a more beautiful affordable place to say your I do’s.  The Pavilion looks out onto the landscape showing off soft fields and incredible views of the side of the mountains. I love the firepit beside the pavilion! The pine inside creates a rustic feel which easily set’s the tone for a classy affair or a casual setting. I however was located at the Joseph House, a fully restored Federal-style farmhouse built in 1845. I felt like  a kid at Christmas running around before hand checking out each room. My favorite would have to be the bathroom; a large room with a vintage claw foot tub, giant sink and mirrors, a closet Carrie Bradshaw would kill for and it that’s not enough a fireplace! Yeah, all I could think about was how beautiful bridal pictures would be there and what a dream it would be to get ready for your wedding day in such a beautiful place. There was also a stunning deck off the second floor, overlooking the valley and the property. I’m sure there can’t be a bad picture taken in the whole house! We were located downstairs in a room draped with flowers and another beautiful fireplace. As the brides arrived they were all so sweet and eager to hear from all the vendors. We were allowed ample time to speak with brides and answer questions. Unlike other expo’s that I’ve worked this one allowed for lots of one on one time with each bride and a chance to get to know them. I took my assistant Meagan along for the day, and her bubbly personality had one of the brides insist she be there on her wedding day! Since it was such an intimate affair we also got the chance to talk with some vendors and sample some amazing food from Panache catering.  The prime rib melted in your mouth and although I had stuffed myself at lunch I couldn’t help but ” sample” the dish more than once.  After all was said and done I booked four weddings that day for this year, and then two more in the days after. It was a great day for myself personally and for the event overall. It was a privilege to be apart of , and  I look forward to working at the Woods with Jason and Melissa again. Thanks

New Jersey Hair Class

Education is something really important to me as a stylist and salon owner. I try to travel to shows as often as I can, but when it doesn’t work out I’ll just take a class online. In my early days as a growing stylist we would sneak backstage at hair shows and offer our help. We would do all the tasks that the assistants got stuck with, but in return we got to work next to some amazing hairstylists. In fact we did this so much they started to recognize us and greet us with smiles when we got back stage. Once we were even asked to model for a show, we worked all day they had our hair colored on stage. Color however was not what we were looking for, we wanted our hair cut by the stylist we idolized.  Now they had been working all day as well, and were just as exhausted as we were, but never fussed when we asked. It was one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had! The stylist who did it was named DJ Muldoon and he was/is amazing. Over the years I’ve always admired his work and style of hair dressing. Unlike most platform artists his cuts where something that you could actually apply in the salon. DJ is Vidal Sassoon trained and his work shows a level of precision I really admire. After many years working for Paul Mitchell he left and opened a Salon in San Diego with his father.  I still follow his work online and even planned a trip to San Diego for another one of his amazing styles. Unfortunately due to his educational tour he had to cancel my appt, so I was trilled when I found out he would be in New Jersey teaching a class.   I signed up and asked my mother to come along for her 50th birthday. I mean I cant think of a better way to spend a birthday, so I knew she would agree. lol.

The class was at the Parisian Beauty School in Hackensack, NJ a Paul Mitchell Partner School. Since I’m Paul Mitchell trained I was excited to check out the school. As soon as I stepped in the room, I was refreshed by the energy learning and growing brings you. Sometimes we get stuck doing the same thing over and over in the salon, so its great to use your mind a little. Which is what DJ kept focusing on, he kept saying I’m going to make you think.  Our first cut took us back to basics; we had to master the art of a 0 degree haircut. Which everyone else knows as a one length haircut, and although we make it look easy its actually one of the hardest cuts. You can imagine how thrilled I was when he told me my cut was on point! Whoop Whoop! The class really seemed to focus on remembering the foundations of haircutting. The second cut we learned was a modern wedge hairstyle. This was something I actually really enjoyed, because YES I still get requests for this hairstyle! Taking time out of my always busy schedule for education is a treat. I left Sunday feeling renewed and refreshed, and ready to head back to the salon. Not before I took my mom to the spa and out to dinner for her birthday of course. Nothing like some girls time,  a little shopping and pampering to get your mind straight.  I will be eagerly awaiting my next trip!

International Beauty Show- Krissy

NYC is a favorite spot of mine and I was SUPER excited that it was that time of year again. The International Beauty Show  is held yearly and the longest running trade show in our industry.  On April 14th a Sunday at 6am the CopperTop Salon girls boarded the train in D.C ready to travel and soak up all the sights and inspiration this event brings!  We arrived at 9am quickly checked into our hotel and grabbed a cab to the convention center for the show was just starting.  Most of my advanced training and I’m always proud to say was with Vidal Sassoon. To my excitement their academy team from NYC was opening the show on the main stage and Lori and I rushed to get good seats.  Their new collection was AMAZING and as always very interesting.  They always push the envelope with off the wall edgy looks, which is one reason I love them so much!  The models were based on David Bowie and featured short sides with disconnections for that modern and very textured fun summer look. Hair colors ranged from deep violets and browns to platinum blonde and oranges .  Kim Vo who was discovered on Shear Genius was the announcer;  he was funny and a surprise to see in person!  The show had many venders with LOTS of free samples and new products for us to play with.  Of course I bought new Sassoon brushes which I’ve been needing  Something new and interesting was this company selling Hair Chalk. It’s like an eye shadow pot that you just run through strands of your hair and set with hairspray. They were very vibrant,  and stayed in until your hair is washed… and AWESOME. I bought yellow(of course!) orange, blue and green.  The show was very inspiring, and I saw MANY cool hairstyles and color patterns on other stylists in attendance. Its always fun being around others like us, meeting new people and sharing ideas.  The two day trip was nonstop fun, perfect weather for subway riding, cab hailing,  or walking. We also ate amazing food every chance we could from Tao to Little Italy. It was a great time for the three of us and I cant wait to do it again !        Krissy

IBS NYC 2013


After months of anticipation, we were  finally on our way to the big city. On the train ride up it was like Christmas morning awaited us, we all talked about this trip for months and finally it had arrived. The New York hair show would give us celebrity sightings, outrageous hair styles, new products, fun looks but most importantly inspiration. As soon as you walked in tall escalators with draping signs set the stage; it was going to be a great show. Vendors pull out all the stops to grab your attention, some have loud music and djs at their booth others girls on stilts with crazy hair. You couldn’t help but stop and look around to take in all the sights and inspiration that surrounded you.


 IBS by Stephanie:

     Going to the New York hair show has always been one of my favorite trips. Before you even enter the show you are swept away by the fashion you see on the streets, graffiti on the buildings and the overwhelmingness that is NYC. Being a salon owner it has opened up parts of the show that I have overlooked in the past. This time my focus was on finding items to help build my business and enhance the salon. I sat for some time with a man who would look over my website as well as other social media to see where we needed help. To my delight and his dismay we scored a 113 points out of a possible 150 the highest score he said he has ever given…lol.. Still it was an eye opener to see where we could expand and grow. My favorite part of the show however had to be practically running into Dita Von Teese. I was on the phone with Lori and hung up without explaination to snap a shot. All I got was her turning around and walking the other direction away from me, but it was my first celeb spotting so I’ll take it!! ( pics posted below) After months of waiting I was able to purchase new scissors,a flat iron, blow dryer and makeup. I couldnt wait to get back and try out my new tools. At the hotel we dumped out our loot like it was Halloween to show off our bag of treats. New York was a great success, and I cant wait for the next hair show. I came away from this experience refreshed and revived ready to get back into the salon and try out all I learned.



New York Hair Show

Its that time of year again, for us to travel to the big city and learn something new.  Stephanie, Lori and Krissy will all be in attendance for this years International Beauty Show at the Jacob Javits convention center, located in NYC!  In 2013,  the fabulous Nick Arrojo, Michael O’Rourke, Martin Parsons, Lisa Yamasaki, Woody & Amy Michleb, and The Sassoon Academy Creative Team  will all be there teaching us whats new. Attending classes and shows is one of the many passions we have here at the salon. We love to be on top of all trends and techniques to better serve our guests. Call today to hear more about whats new at the salon and be the first of your friends to rock the latest look. 540-450-8798

Valentines Day Special

 Do you have a hot date next Thursday, or maybe a big girls night out planned? Well we can help. Come in on Thursday Feb 14 and get your hair styled and makeup for just $55. Surprise someone special or give yourself a confidence boost.

Call today for more details 540-450-8798 ask for Steph


* Restrictions apply, please call to find out more!