2014 Bridal Expo at the Shenandoah Woods

1555553_719955564696153_220991140_n 1555441_719955658029477_777865186_n 1536422_719955534696156_211092865_n 1528611_719955631362813_1338353152_n 1526282_719955594696150_1386202098_n 1525310_719955681362808_351606988_n 1016356_719955514696158_2090705154_n 2014 has already started out to be a busy year for weddings, so I couldn’t have been more pleased when Melissa and Jason from Shenandoah Woods located in Luray, VA asked me to work their January Bridal Expo. As a preferred vendor to the venue I’ve made several trips for weddings over the past year. The drive alone is breath taking;  views of the mountain surround you and the tranquil landscape transcends leaving you with a overall 75046_719955488029494_1110287826_nsense of peace. Luray was recently ranked as the 2nd most beautiful location to get married by TLC. The town is filled with quant local restaurants and shops, I defiantly recommend it for anyone looking to escape the busy city and get some peace of mind. Shenandoah Woods is just a short drive from the town of Luray officially located in Stanley, VA.  The woods offers more than just an amazing wedding location, it has cabins great for a family or just a couple looking to get away.  Speaking on the wedding side of things however, it would be hard to find a more beautiful affordable place to say your I do’s.  The Pavilion looks out onto the landscape showing off soft fields and incredible views of the side of the mountains. I love the firepit beside the pavilion! The pine inside creates a rustic feel which easily set’s the tone for a classy affair or a casual setting. I however was located at the Joseph House, a fully restored Federal-style farmhouse built in 1845. I felt like  a kid at Christmas running around before hand checking out each room. My favorite would have to be the bathroom; a large room with a vintage claw foot tub, giant sink and mirrors, a closet Carrie Bradshaw would kill for and it that’s not enough a fireplace! Yeah, all I could think about was how beautiful bridal pictures would be there and what a dream it would be to get ready for your wedding day in such a beautiful place. There was also a stunning deck off the second floor, overlooking the valley and the property. I’m sure there can’t be a bad picture taken in the whole house! We were located downstairs in a room draped with flowers and another beautiful fireplace. As the brides arrived they were all so sweet and eager to hear from all the vendors. We were allowed ample time to speak with brides and answer questions. Unlike other expo’s that I’ve worked this one allowed for lots of one on one time with each bride and a chance to get to know them. I took my assistant Meagan along for the day, and her bubbly personality had one of the brides insist she be there on her wedding day! Since it was such an intimate affair we also got the chance to talk with some vendors and sample some amazing food from Panache catering.  The prime rib melted in your mouth and although I had stuffed myself at lunch I couldn’t help but ” sample” the dish more than once.  After all was said and done I booked four weddings that day for this year, and then two more in the days after. It was a great day for myself personally and for the event overall. It was a privilege to be apart of , and  I look forward to working at the Woods with Jason and Melissa again. Thanks